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BIM in a topographic survey

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It is important to highlight that the ability to manage information in an integrated manner and the interoperability provided by the BIM methodology is fundamental in this type of studies.

The graphical representation that can be achieved in a BIM environment is highly accurate and detailed, which is of great help for the preparation of the site plan and the planning of building works. In addition, the perfect coordination with technology allows to manage, represent, edit and analyze spatially geo-referenced data with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

In this sense, BIMDEA is an expert company in BIM methodology applied to surveying. Their experience in using scanning or photogrammetry tools to generate accurate and detailed point clouds, and their ability to integrate that information into the BIM model, allows them to offer customized solutions for the specific needs of each project. In summary, the integration of a topographic survey into a BIM environment offers great benefits for the planning and execution of construction projects. BIMDEA is a company highly trained in the use of this methodology and offers customized solutions for the specific needs of each project, which makes it a reliable and efficient option for topographic surveying in the construction field.

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