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BIM, the smartest methodology for road modeling

In the construction world, there is always discussion about which methodology is best. When it comes to roadway modeling, there is no debate: BIM is the smarter methodology. With BIM, roads can be designed more accurately and with less guesswork. The BIM model can also be used to simulate traffic flow and identify potential bottlenecks. This allows for better design that will save time and money in the long run.

What is BIM and how does it work?

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology allows users to create a digital model of the physical characteristics of the road and its regulation and operation. BIM allows us to generate, manage and store data throughout the design, construction and maintenance process.

BIM technology allows us to create 3D models of all types of roads. These models can be used in all phases of the project: planning, design, construction and maintenance, as well as the operations performed on them.

BIM allows users to perform virtual simulations of a roadway, helping to identify potential problems and find solutions before construction begins.

The benefits of using BIM for road modeling

How can BIM help improve efficiency and accuracy?

BIM methodology allows multidisciplinary work between designers and engineers, all working together on the same digital model. In this way, a more accurate modeling of complex geometry is obtained, thus accelerating the workflow and allowing to detect and correct errors prior to the final design.

In addition, it can be used to simulate a future use of the road, thus detecting possible design flaws that generate bottlenecks, also improving the future operation of the road.

Bimdea Solutions: Bim Para Carreteras Y Ferrocarriles

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