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BIM for railways: Asset and infrastructure management

The railway sector is undergoing modernization to improve efficiency and reduce costs through a process of continuous improvement. One way to make this possible is to use the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology. BIM technology uses software to create a digital model of reality.

This model contains all the information needed to design, build and maintain the project. BIM methodology is highly integrated in the construction sector, however, in the railway field it is still a growing technology.

The challenges of BIM in railway infrastructure

The biggest challenge facing the BIM methodology is the complexity of the large number of systems that make up the railway infrastructure, each with its own requirements and needs. BIM simplifies management by grouping all the information in a single model, thus providing a clear and concise view of the situation.

Another challenge it faces is the constant evolution of the railway system, with the introduction of new construction technologies or safety systems. It will be necessary to regularly update the models to reflect the changes that occur.

The benefits of BIM applied to railroads

How can BIM be used in the railway sector?

BIM is a methodology that was already widely used in Europe in the building sector. However, its implementation in railway construction is still in its infancy. More and more projects require the implementation of a BIM model in order to be delivered.

In this way, the railway industry begins to modernize, creating more efficient workflows, where project managers can have a better understanding of the entire project from start to finish, solving hazards before they become problems.

Using BIM methodology, accurate 3D models of the entire railway model are created and can be used in any phase of the project: from planning, through construction, to maintenance.

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